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Hello friends,

I am sorry to say I am closing my sites down and leaving roleplaying. I can not keep up with it anymore along with things in my life and must step away from it. I hate doing this and wish I could stay and continue, but I must do what is best for myself and my daughter. I do hope to return if I can, and if you need to get a hold of me you can email me at I will miss you all dearly.

I originally had plans to give this site a slight revamp, which many were up to doing, but things have changed in my life and I must do my best to prepare for college and trying to move out on my own with my daughter. Those of you here know my AIM and I have given my email above if you ever need to contact me. I do sincerely hope I can return soon so that I can reopen and try to bring this place back to it's glory.

Angel Of Fate {Lyssa}
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